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Can colorful clothing help other drivers notice your motorcycle?

Motorcycle crashes happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes, the person driving the motorcycle is at fault. He or she may have gotten onto the bike after drinking or doing drugs, or may decide to drive at dangerously high speeds. Other times, these crashes are the fault of the person in the larger passenger vehicle. One of the most common reasons given for a crash between a passenger vehicle and a motorcycle is that the person in the vehicle just didn't see the motorcycle.

Are you a bicycle commuter? You must follow these safety tips

Do you commute to and from work or school on your bicycle? Do you enjoy this mode of transportation for the health and environmental benefits, but have concerns about your safety? Are you hoping to change your approach to riding to prevent an accident in the future?

What can an attorney do for you after a car accident?

When a car accident occurs, it is not always easy to understand what to do in the immediate aftermath, or which actions one should avoid to protect personal rights and future legal options. The more severe the accident, the more disorienting the experience often is for the victims. Many people do not realize that their own actions at the scene of the accident may greatly impact the outcome of subsequent liability claims.

Distraction puts everyone on the road at serious risk

Most people understand that distracted driving is dangerous. However, like with drunk driving, far too many people overestimate their driving abilities and underestimate how distraction will impact their control of the vehicle. The end result is a large number of people choosing to drive while also distracted, a decision that puts everyone on the road at risk of a crash or collision.

Wrongful death claims can protect your family after a fatal crash

It's common knowledge that there is some risk associated with traveling in a motor vehicle. Still, you rarely consider this risk in-depth unless something tragic happens to you or your family. Losing a loved one to a motor vehicle collision or crash is heart-breaking. There's the initial shock of receiving the bad news, as well as all the dreams unrealized and words unsaid. When someone dies suddenly, it can overwhelm you.

When someone doesn't see you at an intersection

You might imagine that freeways and highways are the single biggest source of collision risk when you're on the road. There's a common misconception that faster speeds always equal greater risk. While there is certainly the possibility for a serious collision, injuries and even death when traveling at higher speeds on the interstate, freeways aren't responsible for roughly half of all major collisions and crashes.

Don’t offer this information to your insurer

Driving in Miramar, like in many other places, comes with its own set of dangers. Whether it is a negligent driver or someone driving under the influence, you are at risk of an accident with another person every time you get behind the wheel. Since you may not be able to avoid every potential car wreck, it is important to know what to do in the aftermath of one.

Higher speeds lead to more serious motor vehicle crashes

Getting into a motor vehicle collision at any speed is a dangerous and frightening experience. Even if you are only traveling at 25 miles per hour (mph) on city streets, you could sustain serious injuries and potentially incur substantial damage to your vehicle. However, the faster you travel, the worse the potential outcome of a crash.

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