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Driver error and poor upkeep are leading causes of truck crashes

When you hear about a truck striking a passenger vehicle, motorcyclists or bike rider, often in the same sentence, you'll hear about that person losing his or her life. Given that tractor-trailers often weigh as much as 80,000 pounds and passenger cars only about 4,000, the trucker, "Goliath" nearly always beats out the motorist, "David" when a crash crash occurs as well.

What are the factors that give way to truck crashes?

A few years back, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) commissioned a study into the causes of tractor-trailer crashes. Researchers who took part in the "Large Truck Crash Causation Study" were able to identify 12 different factors that contributed to increased collision rates.

2 are killed, 2 seriously injured in La Mesa SR-125 truck crash

Two adults lost their lives and six others, including two children, were seriously injured along the La Mesa portion of State Route 125 (SR 125) on Wednesday, Aug. 2. The three-car crash occurred as a tractor-trailer jackknifed at the roadway's transition onto eastbound Interstate 8 near the Murray Drive exit.

Jackknife accidents: How truckers can avoid them

A truck jackknifing is perhaps one of the most feared type of accidents tractor-trailer operator face. They most commonly occur when a truck hits a slick spot. It can cause the trucker's load he or she is carrying to swing in an opposite direction from the truck's cab. At its worse, this violent action can cause a truck to flip. In instances like this, there are few options truckers have for avoiding a potentially hazardous end result.

Which California freeways have the highest accident rates and why

When it comes to California's freeways, they don't just see traffic around rush hour, but instead on a much more fluid basis. There's no wonder that the state's freeways are a hotbed for car crashes. Among the places where a significant amount of accidents occur on a yearly basis, four hot spots stand out.

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