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Minor injury victims must fight hard for fair compensation

Most people know that in the case of a serious crash, insurance companies attempt to negotiate and settle for a fair amount of money. They generally cover all medical bills as well as other financial losses. Those who struggle with insurance companies and the claims process may actually be those who suffer less serious injuries. Even if a crash isn't your fault, a minor injury is harder to claim for.

Intoxication, distraction and fatigue can factor into a crash

When you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, you do so intending to safely reach your destination. Unfortunately, no matter how safely you may drive, other people on the roads can put you at serious risk. It only takes a second for a mistake by another driver to become your problem when it results in a collision. When another person causes a crash with your vehicle, there can be financial and legal consequences, sometimes lasting for years.

Livestreamed fatal crash highlights dangers of distracted driving

Most everyone is susceptible to distraction while on the road. Whether it's changing a radio station or talking to a passenger, distraction can be incredibly dangerous to you and everyone else on the road. Social media and cellphones can produce very powerful distractions that can result in crashes. Combine them with alcohol and you have the perfect recipe for a tragedy.

Do you have uninsured driver coverage in case of a crash?

No one wants to get into a motor vehicle crash, but they still happen daily in California. In 2014, the most recent year with statistics available, California Office of Traffic Safety reported 3,074 deaths due to car crashes. That's more than eight people who die in a collision every day, and that doesn't factor in serious injuries or disabilities that result from a major car crash.

Hit by a car while bike riding? Now what?

Cyclists ride bicycles for a variety of reasons. Maybe's it's how you stay physically fit. Maybe you admire the athleticism of professional racers. Perhaps you aspire to complete a triathlon someday, want to reduce your carbon footprint or just find your commute to work more pleasant on a bike. Whatever your motivation when you climb on your bike, chances are that you try to bike safely. You comply with California laws about biking on public roads, wear appropriate footwear and a helmet to reduce your risk of serious injury and try to get to your destination safely.

3 main reasons why commercial trucks pose risk to drivers

Most people who drive personal vehicles on public roads understand that they should be wary about commercial trucks, like eighteen wheelers or semi-trailer truck. These vehicles are involved with a large number of fatal crashes each year, as well as accidents that result in serious injuries and permanent disabilities.

Is a DIY personal injury claim a good idea?

The internet is full of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects. You can find instructions for a DIY outdoor kitchen, bathroom remodel and even how to fix your lawn mower. Some things though, are generally not a good idea for your next DIY attempt. For example, it is probably not a good idea to do your own taxes or stitch yourself up after an accident. Some things are better left to those with the experience and knowledge to do them right the first time. The same holds true for personal injury claims.

Tips to handle a low insurance settlement

We all know that insurance companies make their money by selling people insurance while denying as many claims as possible. Their other tactic is to pay the lowest amount a claimant is willing to accept. Dealing with a claim denial or a ridiculously low settlement offer can add insult to injury after a car accident. This is especially true when the other driver carries all of the fault for the collision.

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